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You Are Affected By Fierce Competition

Your competition is everywhere, so it’s critical that you retain your customers and create new ones. Developing a private brand can help you grow customers 6x faster, avoid head- to-head pricing wars, and be more self reliant.

Natural Brands Are Sold in Supermarkets & Pharmacies

Deep Discounts Are Offered Every Day On The Web

$29.2 billion in sales each year.

27.1% growth in internet sales

You Can Retain Your Customers And Create New Ones

According to market data, private brands are growing sales up to 6x faster than national brands.(1) They have achieved this through existing and new-customer growth. Market data also shows that private brands will help you retain up to 70% of your customers! (2)  Simply put, private brands have high levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and help you retain customers and create new ones. (1) PLMA 2010 Private Label Yearbook; (2) Ipsos-MORU Nationwide Study 2009

You Can Avoid Pricing Wars And Be Self Reliant

When you develop your private brand you will be able to avoid head-to-head pricing wars on national brands, even traditionally natural brands. Your brand will never help to build supermarket, pharmacy, or other mass market businesses.  It will not help build large natural brands, which are sold by your competition at deep discounts. Your brand can never be sold on the internet unless you choose to do it yourself.  Your private brand is yours and it will always help you be more self reliant.  In fact, we call our private brand strategy, “Self Reliance”, and it has been proven to help stabilize and grow many natural product businesses.

Only Reliance can provide your brand with all of the following points of differentiation:

Create Your Brand In Three Easy Steps

  • Speak or meet with a qualified sales team member.   
  • Work with our team to develop a label and choose your products.
  • Place an order, and take an important step towards self reliance.