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What is the difference between Contract Manufacturing and Private Label?

Contract Manufacturing is the process through which you can bring your own custom formulations to life. Private Label is the ability to select from a number of pre-formulated, pre-certified stock items and have your own brand name put on the label. (This is sometimes also referred to as "White Label".)

For more information, please see our post The Difference Between Private Label and Contract Manufacturing Programs for Dietary Supplements.

What are your Minimum Order Requirements for Domestic customers?

When purchasing our stock products through our domestic private label program, there is a $3,000 opening order requirement, then $300 for subsequent orders. When creating your own products through our contract manufacturing program, there is generally a 250,000 to 300,000 minimum on tablets or capsules, and a 1,000 to 2,000 kilo minimum on powders. (For some specialty products the minimums might be higher.)

For customers outside of the United States, please see our International requirements.

Do you have an International program?

Yes we do! International order minimums begin at 300,000 for tablets or capsules, 500,000 for softgels, and 2,000 kilos for powders. Additionally, each order must meet a minimum of $10,000 USD. These minimums apply for both stock formulas and custom.

We do not ship outside of the United States - we would need you to work with a freight forwarder to arrange shipping.

Do you work with Amazon sellers?

Yes! For stock products, the minimum order requirements for Amazon sellers are 1,000 units per SKU and $5,000 USD. For custom products, this varies by product and the contract manufacturing minimums would apply.

Do you offer dropshipping or fulfillment services?

We do not provide drop shipping or fulfillment services at this time. We can ship your product to one central location, such as a corporate address or Amazon fulfillment center.

Can I send you my labels to apply?

In working with the contract manufacturing division, you can supply us with your labels. In working with the private label division, we will utilize our stock label templates. This allows you to proceed with confidence that your product will be in legal compliance with all FDA guidelines. We will incorporate your company name and logo, and work with you to create label art that is unique and allows your brand to stand out in the marketplace.


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