Private Label Products with
a Quality Advantage

Reliance offers a highly innovative portfolio of pre-certified, in-stock items with patented and trademarked ingredients. Our presence in the natural products market provides insights into early trends that feed our innovation pipeline. This differentiates both your exclusive private label brand and your business.

Innovative, safe, and efficacious formulas that put you ahead of the competition.

Reliance is the only supplier with 450 in-stock items available for private branding or “white label,” including on-trend plant-based nutrition, probiotics, and organics. Our formulas feature more than 50 patented and trademarked ingredients and European herbal extracts. This gives you numerous product options, and many ways to differentiate your exclusive private label brand on store shelves and in the marketplace.

Along with being highly innovative, our private label products come pre-certified, which accelerates your speed to market. Our commitment to careful ingredient sourcing, meticulous research and verifiable standards of excellence help ensure the formulas have consistent quality and are safe and efficacious. Ultimately, this leads to excellent customer satisfaction and the growth of your business.

  • 450 Early-Trend &
    Stock Items

  • 50+ Patented & Trademarked Ingredients

  • Specialists in
    Nutrition, Probiotics
    & Organics

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