Contract Manufacturing


We can help differentiate your products by creating customized formulas that leverage our extensive sourcing expertise and R&D capabilities. From product development to production, delivery and compliance, we take pride in our record of consistency, reliability and transparency.

Customized, comprehensive lines that help to drive differentiation and loyalty.

By leveraging our institutional experience, you instantly become an organization with exceptional development and technical expertise. The product development team has scoured the globe in search of the perfect ingredients, and the R&D team has deep experience optimizing them for custom formulas that will help you differentiate your products from those common in the marketplace.

A record of consistent, reliable quality and on-time delivery.

When you partner with Reliance, you can expect consistent on-time deliveries of innovative GMP-compliant products with multiple certifications, including NSF GMP, U/L GMP and QAI Organic. Rigorous independent third-party analysis and complete transparency in sourcing throughout the supply chain help ensure that you can entrust Reliance with your brand and business.
Customized Powders, Capsules & Tablets
GMP Certification from NSF International and UL
Strong In-house R&D and product development team
Consistent on-time delivery

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