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Turnkey Contract Manufacturing

Reliance Contract Manufacturing is your one-stop-shop for turning your custom formulation into a reality.
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Why Choose Reliance for Contract Manufacturing?

In the highly competitive nutritional supplement industry, the quality of your product is paramount. But identifying the right manufacturing partner who holds to stringent quality control, regulatory expertise, and cost-effectiveness is critical to your brand’s reputation.
Reliance is your turnkey manufacturing partner for cutting-edge innovation, reduced vendor management time, and faster speed-to-market—both now and as your business grows.
Reliance understands the complexities of the nutritional supplements industry. We are dedicated to fostering your success and providing robust support to fuel your business growth. This dedication has fostered over 40 years of partnerships with leading national brands and top retailers. We understand the challenges of this industry, because we live and breathe it every day. Our seasoned experts excel in transforming your unique formulations from concept to reality.

The Reliance Difference

Reliance Private Label combines decades of experience in the health and wellness industry with on-trend, data-driven solutions to fuel the growth of your private brand.

TurnKey Solution

We start with best-in-class manufacturing, backed by R&D, formulation expertise, and an in-house regulatory affairs team. Our efficient supply chain management, extensive vendor network, in-house testing lab, graphic design experts, competitive lead times, and low MOQs, are all part of our formula for success.

Innovation Drives Us

Our R&D capabilities are the cornerstone of our success. We invest heavily in research and development, allowing us to stay ahead of industry trends and consumer demands. Through strategic partnerships with leading ingredient suppliers, we ensure that your product stays on the cutting edge of innovation, giving you a powerful market advantage.

Unique Flavor Profiles

Our R&D food scientists have an average of over 15 years’ experience in crafting flavored products that score very high in internal and external sensory panel taste testing. This is why top brands choose Reliance: to guarantee that their products make a remarkable first impression.

We Love The Challenge

Our expert team of R&D scientists and chemists are ready to tackle the formulation challenges other manufacturers won’t touch — and we work with you every step of the way.


Flexible Product Formats Include

Chewable Tablets

Packaging Options Include

Gusset Bags
Blister Packs
Stick Packs


With the Reliance Contract Manufacturing program, you have almost unlimited options and flexibility. For the fastest speed-to-shelf, choose any of our on-trend stock items and add your fully customized packaging. Or, for ultimate customization, our R&D scientists will work with you to create your own unique product. The options are yours, and we will walk you through you every step of the way.
Product Form MOQ Description
Tablets & Capsules 250,000 With less than 10 active ingredients
Tablets & Capsules 350,000 With more than 10 active ingredients
Softgels (gelatin) 500,000* *(estimated) MOQ provided with quote
Softgels (vegetarian) 1,000,000* *(estimated) MOQ provided with quote
Powders (non-protein) 500 kg Single ingredient or formulas without protein
Protein Powders 1,000 kg Plant, whey, and other protein powders
Stick Packs 150,000 Per item minimum for stick packs

Additional Fees

$2,000 R&D deposit for first-time customers requiring a physical sample of their formulation. Refunded after $50,000 in annual orders. $85/hr. graphic design fee for in-house label design (first-hour deposit required).

Payment Information

50% deposit is due with any purchase order. Balance is due prior to product shipment.




1 week Stock Products
2–3 weeks Custom Formulas

Based on the product information the customer provides, a detailed quote will be created. Final customer approval will require a signature and their PO, along with a 50% deposit.

Finished Product Specs

2 weeks from time of submitted PO

The Reliance R&D team will go to work creating the final specifications and other supporting documents for the product. At this time, the Reliance regulatory team will kick off any requested product certifications. Final signature on the finished product specifications will be required to proceed.


10–12 weeks from signed finished product specifications

The Reliance team will procure and test raw materials, and schedule production. During this time, our Graphics team will assist with creating labels, ensuring they are compliant with regulatory guidelines. Once the product is manufactured, finished product testing will take place to guarantee its quality.


Final balance is due prior to shipping.

Quality & Regulatory

What are we most proud of? We leave no room for compromise when it comes to the integrity of your product. Our unwavering commitment to ethical practices, transparency, and excellence not only ensures the highest quality but also builds enduring trust with our customers.


Navigating quality requirements and regulatory details can be one of the more challenging steps to creating your own product. Reliance has extensive experience with GMP and FDA compliance, as well as the product certifications, so you can have peace of mind. All ingredients and manufactured products are analyzed by our in-house lab and premier independent labs to ensure consistent quality.


Our experienced team will guide you through the process of determining compliant label claims, creating an accurate supplement facts panel, applying for any applicable certifications, and making sure you are 100% confident in the quality and accuracy of your product.



We know that effective label and package design requires both creativity and regulatory expertise. Compliance is critical, and the Reliance team is highly knowledgeable and up-to-date regarding all the latest FDA labeling regulations for dietary supplements guidelines. These include typography and font sizes, minimum required information, prioritization of information, directions and warnings, and ingredient formatting.


What if you already have an existing label or a design firm that you want to use to create your labels? The Reliance team will assist by providing label templates for your designer, and then provide regulatory label review services to make sure labels are compliant. Once your printer delivers the labels to Reliance, we will conduct a thorough review to make sure the labels are accurate, meet standards, and are ready for the production line.


If you do not have your own design service, we can help with that, too! Our talented in-house graphic design team is dedicated to working with you to create eye-catching customized labels and packaging that best suits your needs, making your brand standout among other supplements on the shelf.


Building partnerships is our passion
“Launching specialized nutraceuticals seemed difficult until we found Reliance Contract Manufacturing. Their expertise in complex formulas and proactive customer service made the impossible possible. Their turnkey solutions not only sped up our production but also optimized our budget, proving to be a comprehensive solution for quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Reliance is a true partner in our success.” -President, Top US-Based Retailer

In-House Stick Pack Capabilities For Contract Manufacturing


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