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L-arginine is a conditionally-essential amino acid. Typically the body is able to manufacture sufficient quantities of arginine, but in certain conditions, such as aging, cardiovascular disease, and trauma, arginine synthesis is reduced and requirements increase. Arginine is necessary for the synthesis of creatine phosphate (PCR) which is essential for the synthesis of ATP (energy), particularly in muscle tissue. Arginine is also required for the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is important for normal, healthy immune function as well as the relaxation of blood vessels, critical for maintaining normal, healthy blood pressure and support of overall cardiovascular health. Vitamin B6 is included as it is an essential nutrient for amino acid metabolism.



  • 500mg free-form L-arginine per serving.
  • Includes vitamin B6 for synergistic benefits.
  • Vegetarian capsule.



  • Arginine serves as a metabolic precursor to nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps the endothelial lining of blood vessels to dilate (relax) and open up, thereby allowing blood to flow more freely through the cardiovascular system.
  • The increase in nitric oxide production has been shown to support healthy blood pressure, mostly by encouraging blood vessel relaxation and limiting blood vessel constriction.
  • The increased production of nitric oxide and its corresponding effects on blood vessel function and circulation is believed to be responsible for its role in male enhancement.
  • Arginine is important for immune function as nitric oxide is used by immune cells to help neutralize pathogens i.e. bacteria.
  • Arginine also plays a role in the synthesis of hormones such as insulin and growth hormone, and has been shown to help support glucose metabolism and processes related to growth hormone such as maintaining lean body mass.
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