Certified Organic Whole Food Kids D3 Chewable (#938)

Certified Organic Whole Food Kids D3 Chewable (#938)

Organic and vegan certified Vitamin D3 in an efficacious, whole food, and vegan berry-flavored chewable for kids ages 4+

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This revolutionary active ingredient, VegD3®, is Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) of 100% non-GMO plant origin. That makes it universally acceptable, unlike animal-derived Vitamin D3 such as lanolin-origin. VegD3 is approved by the Vegan Society and is also Kosher and Halal certified. VegD3® was tested extensively to prove that it is chemically-identical to cholecalciferol of animal-origin. This takes away any uncertainty about absorption or efficacy (as it is literally clean, pure cholecalciferol), it meets all regulatory requirements. VegD3® is extensively stability tested to ensure that it offers a shelf-life that is at least the same as lanolin-origin D3. Consumer demand for Organic and Plant-based supplements grow every year and have for the last thirty years. With all the delivery options available, flavored delivery systems are the fastest growing segment. Our Chewable Certified Organic Whole Food Vitamin D3 provides a vegan & chewable form of Vitamin D3 (natural algae food form) at a highly efficacious dose.


  • USDA Organic and VEGAN Certified
  • Safe & effective for children ages 4+
  • 20 mcg (800 IU) VegD3® as cholecalciferol from organic algae Registered Trademarked, Certified Organic, Vegan Society Approved Vitamin D3
  • Delicious Natural Berry Flavor
  • Whole Food, Non GMO, Simple and Clean Excipients
  • Contains No sugar, dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, fish, shellfish, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.



  • Vitamin D3 is essential for kids growing bones, teeth, brain and immune health.
  • Organic Whole Food Vegan Kids D-3 Chewable is a convenient way to give your kids 100% of their daily Vitamin D3 in a truly bioavailable, organic and vegan source.
  • Organic Whole Food Vegan Kids D-3 Chewable is organic and delicious, without added sugar, artificial flavors, toxic pesticides or GMOs.
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