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Sinus Breakup has an immediate, dramatic, and direct impact on the sinus. It is an extremely pungent formula with aromatic compounds that produce vapors that open and dilate the sinus passageways in order to drain them, deepen breathing, and help to kill microbial inundation. This formula helps to thin thick and infected mucus and expectorate it out. Repeated doses over part of a day can help maintain breathing and sinus drainage and therefore shorten the time to healing.



  • Extremely pungent and aromatic taste, naturally sweetened with organic honey.
  • 15 drop serving size



  • The compounds in horseradish thin out old mucus and help prevent accumulation.
  • The pungency of Cayenne, Garlic, Onion, and Horseradish help increase circulation.
  • Echinacea, Spilanthes, Goldenseal, Elderberry, Garlic, Olive and Fresh Osha help stimulate the body to fight off microbial inundation and assist in healing.
  • Decongesting herbs like Horehound, Licorice, Wild Cherry, and Osha help clear the lungs.
  • Fever managing herbs like Boneset, Yarrow, Osha, Andrographis, and Peppermint also help reestablish immune homeostasis.
  • Before bedtime, it may help those who snore from inflammation and congestion and therefore produce a better night’s sleep.
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