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With over twenty years of experience in the dietary supplement manufacturing industry we have heard and understand the major reasons so many businesses and marketers come to Reliance for their contract manufacturing needs.      

With Competitors

With Reliance


“We Lose Money When Contractors Deliver Late”

Most contract manufacturers have long lead times and are consistently late on delivery of products, causing a serious disruption in your operations and possible significant loss of your profits.


You Will Experience Consistent On-Time Deliveries

We consistently maintain a pipeline of over 1,000 open orders and deliver 98% of them on time so you can focus on growing and planning strategically for your business.

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“Our Development Process Takes Forever and is Not Innovative”

You would like to develop unique products, dosage forms and packaging, but your contractor only knows how to make commodity products and drop them into a bottle.  The process of developing your products has no sense of urgency as they do not understand your market, customers and type of products required to differentiate. 


You Will Be Able To Quickly Develop Highly-Innovative Products

Because we have a strong in-house development team, great relationships with more than 50 patented and trademarked ingredient suppliers (see full list), and an offering of more than 500 innovative stock items (browse catalog), there is no doubt that we have developed products like yours. Here are some examples of our innovation that you could leverage: highly shelf-stable probiotics, and unique plant protein blends with great flavor systems, many dosage forms and many types of innovative packaging (see list).

“We’re Not Sure How We Can Ensure Regulatory Compliance and The Quality of The Product"

You are never quite sure of whether you are in full regulatory compliance because your contractor is either not GMP certified, or doesn’t provide the confidence in the form of finished product testing, support documentation or dedicated staff to review labeling and other materials. They generally do not take a comprehensive and proactive approach to quality.  They may meet the minimal requirements but only at our request and questioning.

GMP certified

NSF GMP certified

You Can Achieve Regulatory Compliance and be Confident Your Products Are Made Under GMP Tightly Controlled Conditions

Since we manage regulatory compliance for many brands, we have a team with the ability to perform regulatory reviews and help guide you to complete compliance.  If you choose, we can become your in-house regulatory team leading you to compliance with FDA (health claims, labeling, NLEA, allergy claims), FTC (advertising claims), and Prop 65 (see tests) regulations. 

You will be able to sleep at night knowing that Reliance has received GMP certification from both NSF International (see certification) and the NPA  (Natural Products Association) (see certification) which require: the use of safe and effective ingredients, process controls throughout the entire facility, strict document and record controls, ongoing GMP training for employees, and finished product testing.

We can also help you with: product registrations in over 40 countries, Halal and Kosher certifications, and other international registration initiatives.


“We Have Loyal And Active Customers And Want To Add Products, But We’re Concerned About Initial Minimums” 

You cannot easily create an extended line of products built around your core offerings because your contractor does not have an existing base of stock products to plug into your business.


You Can Extend Your Offerings With Our 500 Stock Products

You can also build an extended brand around your core products by utilizing many of our 500 skus of always-in-stock products (browse catalog).  Many of these products are highly innovative and may actually be suitable as core products for your business.