Black Cohosh Extract Plus, 40mg (#733)

Black Cohosh Extract Plus, 40mg (#733)

Featuring European standardized Black Cohosh from Euromed for triterpene glycosides, with added Dong Quai and Chasteberry.

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Black Cohosh is an herb that provides a natural way to normalize hormonal changes and moderate the uncomfortable changes that accompany menopause. Numerous studies have been done using black cohosh. Studies have identified the isoflavone phytoestrogen formononetin as the most likely candidate for the effects of black cohosh on female health. This compound has been shown to help support normal, healthy levels of luteinizing hormone (LH). Increased LH levels, which are often the result of declining estrogen levels, are typically responsible for the changes associated with menopause. Dong quai and chasteberry are included for their synergistic effects.


  • European standardized Black Cohosh from Euromed, a world leader in European standardized extracts. Standardized to the most active compounds triterpene glycosides.
  • Provides clinically effective dosages of dong quai and chasteberry.



  • Therapeutic dose of standardized Black Cohosh from Euromed; contains active ingredients identical to the material used in most of the clinical studies that demonstrated health benefits for black cohosh.
  • Dong quai is included in this formula as it helps support a normal, healthy response to female hormone imbalance.
  • Chasteberry helps support normal, healthy levels of lutenizing hormone (LH) and prolactin. By doing this, chasteberry can help provide support for symptoms associated with menopause.
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