New Products: Collagen Peptides Powder and Creamer!

Introducing our newest private label products – Collagen Peptides Powder and Collagen Peptides Creamer!

Did you know that 3 of the top 4 items in the Natural Channel were Collagen Peptides*? It’s one of the most popular products for good reason! The range of benefits provided by collagen peptides includes better nails, healthy looking skin, stronger & healthier hair, improved joint mobility, and a decrease in joint pain. As we age, our body begins producing less collagen, which is one reason why skin starts to sag and joints become achy. Our Collagen Peptides supplements are rich in the amino acids glycine, proline, hydroxy-proline, and alanine which helps promote collagen synthesis in our body.

We have Collagen Peptides Powder available in 3 delicious flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and unsweetened – perfect for a shake or smoothie. We are also launching a rich Collagen Peptides Creamer in a creamy vanilla flavor, perfect for mixing into a hot beverage of your choice.

All of our Collagen Peptides supplements feature Grass Fed and Non-GMO hydrolyzed type 1 & 3 collagen. Hydrolyzed collagen is easier to absorb, allowing the amino acids to be utilized more efficiently.

*SPINS – Natural 52Wks Yago (All Categories) Ending 02/22/2022)


Our Collagen Peptides Powders provide 20g of Grass-Fed, Non-GMO hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides per serving. Available in 3 flavors – chocolate, vanilla, and unflavored/unsweetened, these powders mix instantly and contain no gluten, dairy, soy, fillers or artificial Ingredients.


Our Collagen Peptides Creamer provides 10g of Grass-Fed, Non-GMO hydrolyzed bovine collagen peptides per serving, with an additional 2g of keto-friendly organic MCT oil from coconuts. Available in vanilla flavor enhanced with pea-protein powder for extra creaminess. Mixes instantly into your favorite hot beverage and contains no dairy, wheat, gluten, eggs, peanuts, soy, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors.

Contact your representative today to take advantage of our promotional offers and add these delicious Collagen Peptides Powders and Creamer to your private label offering!

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