Vegetarian Collagen Peptides

Vegetarian Collagen Peptides

Formulated with NEM® eggshell membrane collagen, an upcycled domestic source of collagen clinically shown to support healthy joints.

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Today’s consumers connect ethical and sustainable lifestyles with wellbeing and wellness, creating demand for more ethically sourced ingredients. Sixty-three percent say they would be willing to go flexitarian if vegetarian and/or plant-based alternatives met specific criteria. Animal-based Collagen is not a suitable option for a growing portion (48%) of the population trying to follow an ethical and sustainable lifestyle. Collagen is fastest growing segment in both Natural Channel and MULO (Natural Channel Retailers and Ecommerce). In the Natural Channel, the four top selling Protein Powders are Collagen, with an average retail price greater that all Protein Powders. Vegetarian Collagens are beginning to trend and have great growth potential. 


  • Clinically Studied NEM® Eggshell Membrane Collagen
  • 10g Vegetarian Collagen Peptide, Prebiotic and Probiotic Blend
  • Bacillus coagulans, a clinically studied Soil Based Organism (SBO) probiotic strain
  • Inulin, a soluble dietary fiber sourced from chicory root
  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO and Vegetarian
  • Contains No dairy, wheat, gluten, peanuts, soy, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, sesame, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors



  • Designed to Support Hair, Skin, Joint Support and Gut Health.
  • NEM® has been shown in human clinical trials to help support healthy joints against pain, stiffness and cartilage breakdown in as little as 4-11 days.
  • NEM® may reduce exercise-induced joint pain in postmenopausal women starting new exercise routines.
  • NEM® is sustainably sourced from US-domestic eggshells.
  • SBO, or soil-based organism, probiotics are a particularly resilient and effective strain. SBO adds support for a healthy gut, digestive function, healthy bowel transit time and healthy gut flora.
  • Inulin is a prebiotic fiber that helps the beneficial bacteria in your gut (probiotics) thrive. Inulin is known to be easier on the gut than many other fibers.
  • Studies show Inulin may improve insulin and glucose metabolism, helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels already in normal range.
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