Cinnamon Extract, 250mg (#789)

Cinnamon Extract, 250mg (#789)

Highly concentrated CinSulin® cinnamon bark extract with the highest concentration of the active Type-A polymers.

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Our cinnamon extract is the trademarked CinSulin®. This is the only patented water-soluble cinnamon available which is manufactured without the use of chemical solvents. The proprietary extraction process helps filter out toxins found in whole cinnamon. It is the only extract standardized for Type-A polymers, shown in clinical research to have a host of health benefits, particularly those related to glucose metabolism and insulin function. CinSulin® is produced from a superior source of cinnamon bark, scientifically validated to contain the highest concentration of the active Type-A polymers. CinSulin® contains virtually no cinnameldehyde or toxins found in other cinnamon extracts or whole cinnamon, making it safe for daily use. CinSulin® is backed by scientific studies, and is all natural and contains no GMO’s (genetically modified organisms). 


  • Trademarked CinSulin® cinnamon bark extract.
  • Contains Type-A polymers, compounds validated by clinical research.
  • Highly concentrated extract at 10:1.
  • CinSulin® is supported by clinical studies.
  • 2 capsules taken daily is the dosage most often used in research studies.
  • Gluten Free, Non GMO & Vegan.



  • CinSulin® is produced using a patented process using a 100% water solvent to yield a pure extract of cinnamon of the highest quality. Desirable compounds are concentrated and unwanted substances largely removed.
  • Water extract of cinnamon has been studied in six human clinical trials to prove effectiveness and safety.
  • Cinnamon is also known for its antioxidant properties.
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