Reliance Innovation: New Products for Q3 2023

Introducing the latest new releases for 2023! New must-have product options to differentiate your private label, meet customer demand, and boost sales.

Reliance Private Label is committed to providing you with market-ready and trending product solutions, ensuring that your private brand can stand shoulder to shoulder with leading national brands. It’s our constant product innovation that distinguishes us from the rest. No other private label firm can rival Reliance in terms of new product offerings, outstanding formulations with certified and trademarked ingredients, and exceptional product quality. We offer you the most comprehensive portfolio of on-trend products, all crafted to enhance your brand and boost revenue.

This quarter, we are responding to market trends and introducing a powerful new Ubiquinol CoQH 200mg, a targeted adult 10 billion CFU probiotic with Kefir culture, and expanding our children’s offering with Kid’s Calm Chewable.

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